NAME: Belos
TYPE: Clustered air body
ESCAPE TIME: 24 turns (1 hour)
POPULATION ANALYSIS: Air spirits, humans, gnomes, elves

Belos is a strange body that would hardly show up in the charts at all save for the fact that it has attracted solid bodies over time and become a sort of amorphous cluster. Huge rocks (size A and down) drift through the Belosian region, each surrounded by a vast air envelope. The air appears to bubble forth from a single central point, dribbling off into wildspace in great gusty eddies (which make navigation extremely difficult) in all directions. It’s prone to tornadoes and hurricanes as well as wandering thunderstorms that strike out in all directions.

Many of the floating clods are inhabited; there are mages and air elementals dwelling amidst the dusty airways. Once one enters the Belosian region, wildspace seems to fade, replaced by a cerulean sky interspersed with roiling clouds and sprays of stars. Flying gnomish homes are also not uncommon in the breezeways of Belos, constructs that cling together tenaciously by means of pegs or nails and generally have a sails and a rudder to help steer them away from storms.

Belos is an extremely dangerous “body” to spelljam through, mostly due to the high volume of storms, the immensely powerful winds, the strange and eccentric inhabitants, and the danger of being battered to pieces against a huge rock. For all that, it is one of the most peculiar and beautiful regions of Orreryspace.

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