PLANET NAME: Ionu (“The Moon Maid”)
PLANET TYPE: Spherical earth body
DAY LENGTH: 12 hours
YEAR LENGTH: 30 days
POPULATION ANALYSIS: All spacefaring races (majority of humans from Thessalia)


Thessalia 10 million miles (2 hours)

History of Ionu

Originally simply a stellar observatory used by the illithid fleet, the “moon” (little more than an asteroid) was used as a staging point for an illithid landing on the planet below. For centuries the High Provost of the illithid fleet ran Ionu as a military outpost. Ships and goods were ferried to the surface for nearly four hundred years without challenge, establishing a vast number of illithid colonies under the planet.

In the year 4467 of the Purple Dragon, the king of the Thessalian land known as Althamyr was approached by a mysterious visitor who offered to sell him the key to the cosmos for the contents of the Althamyrian treasury. Little realizing that he was bargaining away a veritable horde of rare and forgotten magics, King Vaslyth I sold everything he owned for this “key.” The creature vanished, never to return, and within two decades Althamyr was a groundling civilization no more.

The Althamyrian attempts to explore the stars were immediately curtailed by the Provost on Ionu, who threw a cordon around the ports of Althamyr and hoped to contain the potential threat to his own supremacy in the region. Under King Orogost II (r. 4493-4520) the Althamyrans purchased hundreds of spelljamming helms from the Arcane (who had now come to regard Althamyr as a potential new source of trade) and constructed a fleet to rival that of the Provost.

The Althamyrans were victorious, taking Ionu as their prize and settling it in great numbers. Unfortunately for the colonists, Orogost’s reign ended in horror as the Dragonscour barbarians overcame their lightly defended coast and began making inroads for the capitol. Many spelljammers were burned or hacked to pieces for loot and nearly three hundred helms were destroyed or otherwise lost. In the three hundred years since Orogost’s reign (it is now 4803 according to the Althamyran calendar) no new ships have come from the surface. The colonists made several attempts to contact their former home immediately after the crisis only to discover that most of the Althamyran countryside was burning and the great ports lay in ruins.

Ionu, like some of the other Althamyran colonies amongst the planets beyond Thessalia, has strong ties to its heritage. The Ionian leader, Gathrun Lamman, calls himself by an old Althamyran title: Crescont of Ionu and Forward Admiral of the Purple Dragon Fleet. While Althamyr may be gone on Thessalia, she lives on in Ionu and her sister-colonies scattered amongst the stars.


Nob Hill

Beginning at the foot of the hill (at the Ionian Lake) and continuing eastwards across the upper surface of Ionu, lies the rocky region known as Nob Hill. It’s name, of course, comes from the fact that old Althamyran nobility cluster around the stony streets like old crows in a rookery. Purple Dragoons are generally stationed around the edges of the district to prevent rough-and-tumbles from wandering in.

The nobility of Althamyr are a proud and haughty bunch who can each trace their lines back to one of the great houses of the Lost Kingdom. As such, their ranks never grow but sort of curl inwards on themselves as they interbreed and, every so often, erupt into bloody and horrific violence which culls their numbers.

Crecontship is an elected position, with the Noble Council of Ionu and the Merchant’s Board meeting and voting on which noble house will hold the Cresconty. It is also appointed until death of the Crescont.

Government Square

Dwarf Quarter

The Shipworks

The Star Fortress

The old illithid Star Fortress stands alone on a peninsula jutting out from the Illithid Quarter. It was once an extremely well-fortified structure that is larger than all of Government Square and half of the shipworks combined. The crumbling ancient building is filled with deadly traps and psionic tricks left over from the mind flayer occupation.

It’s nearest wall to the Illithid Quarter is also overrun with altered plant-life that forms the hovels of a xixchil enclave which lives primarily just inside the Star Fortress’ walls.

From time to time the Crescont will authorize adventurers to explore the fortress and keep what they find there in order to reduce the potential danger and smoke out any secret illithid plans that might be gestating within.

The Illithid Quarter

The Dock Quarter

The Underfarms


The Choral Temple of Ptah

The Gilded Galleon

Ionian Organizations

The Black Cutlass Coaster

The Brightstar Coaster

The Purple Dragoon Company. Under the employ of Crescont Gathrun Lammun, the Purple Dragoon Company is the civil defense force of Ionu. Divided into 20 companies of 10 giff each, the Dragoons commit to leave at least 100 giff in Ionu at all times to man the battlestations at the harbor and repel invasions.

The Umbras Company

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